How can Mel Gibson be put to use

It's gonna take something big to be more horrifying than Madame Speaker

It’s kinda sad to see the Mel Gibson meltdown – which makes the britney spears meltdown look like candyland. who ever thought the dude had so much RAGE? Anyway, I’m a practical person and I like to use what’s at my disposal. today i was thinking: if mel’s too crazy to be a regular person, and now he’s even too crazy for hollywood… his next stop is to run for public office. Mel’s an aussie though, and you can’t be the president unless you were born here… oh wait…

but anyway – what if we send him up as a lobbyist? He doesn’t have to do any real work, and we don’t have to give him legit issues to back. His real purpose will be too stand there and bark real loud every time Pelosi gets too close to the capitol. In one week he’ll save us so much money and headache that everyone will forget all about the Jew-bashing, racial slurs, and punching his skank in the mouth thing.

MEL – You can be an AMERICAN HERO!!!


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  1. Posted July 27, 2010 at 6:25 pm | Permalink

    that goatee is nothing short of terrible

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